Centrifugal self-priming pumps with magnetic drive


The centrifugal monobloc self-priming magnetic drive pump, range MSP-N, it has been designed for installations. Where is not possible to install an under head pump. The MSP-N pumps can prime from negative suction head of 4 meters, after that the priming chamber has been filled the first time. The impeller rotation is possible thanks to a movement transmitted from the coupling through magnetic induction.

This pump has been designed to solve the different problems generated sometimes from the leakage through the mechanical seals, with the consequence to cause serious environmental contaminations.

Pompe centrifughe autoadescanti a trascinamento magnetico
Material of Construction

Easy to handle, the pumps of this range are strong, compact construction, produced in their components with high thickness to give a product with the maximum reliability. Suitable to transfer acid and basic solutions, the wet ends, are produced in thermoplastics (PP-PVDF) and O-ring in the proper elastomer material (EPDM-FPM-FEP-FFKM).


• Dry-run protector
• Trolley

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Main Components


Casing in PP or PVDF, composed of three parts. Extra-thick material, manufactured using mechanical machining processes.


Centrifugal impeller made of PP or PVDF; semi-open model for particle-loaded fluids and closed for pumping high-temperature solutions. Axial selfbalancing guaranteed by rear counter-blades.


Rotor in PP or PVDF with a central hole for lubricating the rear guide bushings and impeller balancing. The internal magnetic core, composed of a carbon steel support and magnetic bars in Nd-Fe-B, is fully encapsulated in thermoplastic material to protect it from the rotor.


Revolving guide bushings in PTFE CG (SiC available on request), rotate integrally with the rotor.


External magnetic core with magnetic bars in Nd-Fe-B rotating integrally with the motor, transmits the movement to the rotor.


Loose flanges in glass-reinforced PP, strengthened internally with a steel core.


Intermediate adaptor of a strong design in grey cast iron G25 equipped with support feet.


Static guide bushings in SiC (Al2O3 available on request).


Three-phase asynchronous electric motor, in compliance with IEC (NEMA available on request).

application sectors


1450 – 50Hz

1750 – 60Hz

2900 – 50Hz

3500 – 60Hz

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