Centrifugal sump pumps

TThe vertical centrifugal with coupling range CGV-N, has been designed in order to obtain the best performances and a total reliability. Easy to handle, the pumps of this range are strong, compact construction, produced in their components with high thickness to give a product with the maximum strength.

Material of Construction
Suitable to transfer acid and basic solutions, the wet ends, are produced in thermoplastics (PP, PVDF, PE-UHMW) and O-ring in the proper elastomer material (EPDM, FPM, FEP, FFKM). Pump shaft connected to the motor through the elastic coupling with inside ball bearings, is guided through PTFE CG and Al2O3 (alumina) bushings; available upon request is the alternative combination in SiC-SiC (silicium carbide).

• Flanged connection on discharge line
• Motor rain guard
• Filter on suction line
• Extension pipe on suction line

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Main Components

  • Casing made of extra-thick PP, PVDF or PE-UHMW, manufactured using mechanical machining processes. For pump models 25-125, 32-125, 40-130, 40-160 and 50-160, the part is injection moulded and is only available in PP or PVDF.
  • Centrifugal impeller in PP, PVDF or PE-UHMW (the part is only available in PP or PVDF for pump models 25-100, 25-125, 32-125, 40-130, 40-160 and 50-160); semi-open version for particle-loaded fluids or closed for pumping solutions at high temperatures. Axial self-balancing guaranteed by rear counter-blades; protected central metal insert.
  • Static guide bushing in PTFE CG (SiC available on request).
  • Rotating guide bushing in Al2O3 (SiC available on request).
  • Thermoplastic discharge pipe.
  • Column manufactured entirely from thermoplastic material.
  • Extra-thick PP plate reinforced with a sheet of steel.
  • Balanced shaft made of 42CrMo4 Carbon steel, structured to easily support torsional and radial forces. Made exclusively from solid bar stock using mechanical machining processes and fully coated in thermoplastic material.
  • Intermediate adaptor in cast iron contains the support for the bearings and the elastic coupling and distances the motor from the rest of the pump.
  • Elastic coupling fitted to absorb any axial misalignment and allow the motor to be disassembled without having to remove the pump.
  • Steel support houses two ball bearings that guide the shaft.
  • Three-phase asynchronous electric motor, in compliance with IEC (NEMA available on request).


1450 – 50Hz

1750 – 60Hz

2900 – 50Hz

3500 – 60Hz

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