Horizontal fiberglass centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal

CFM Vitrum line

LCFM close coupled horizontal centrifugal pumps with ANSI/ASME B73.1 suction and discharge outlets, presents strong and resistant construction.

Material of Construction
Materials of construction are available for a wide corrosive liquids range and a long history of application experience. The flexibility through a wide range of materials selections for corrosive and abrasive liquids is a distinction of Affetti Pumps.

  • Fiberglass resin FRP-VES vinyl ester resin: Standard applications
  • Fiberglass resin FRP-VEA vinyl ester resin: Abrasive liquids applications
  • Fiberglass resin FRP-VEC vinyl ester resin: Bleaches applications
  • Fiberglass resin FRP-VEF vinyl ester resin: Fluorides applications
  • Fiberglass resin FRP-EPX epxy resin: Strong chemicals and solvents applications

• Draining hole
• Residual fluid collection tank
• Pressurised tank for mechanical flushing
• Self-priming tank
• Dry-run protector

RTM molding
The fiberglass components of the CFG and CFM pumps are obtained by RTM (RESIN TRANSFER MOULDING) using vinyl ester reinforced with long glass-fibers.

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Main Components

  • Pump casing made in solid FRP with high thickness to ensure optimal mechanical strength and chemical resistance- without the need for metallic armoring.
  • Semi-open centrifugal impeller with rear back-vanes for axial self-balancing; with encapsulated metallic insert.
  • Shaft sleeve in FRP or PE-UHMW. Fully covering the part of steel shaft in contact with the process liquid and manufactured as a one-piece component.
    It rotates integrally with the impeller but is independent from it.
  • Standardized mechanical Balanced shaft made of 42CrMo4 Carbon steel(with special alloy on demand), oversized to support torsional and radial forces.
    Precision machined from solid bar stock and protected by FRP or PE-UHMW shaft sleeve. Single row radial bearing.
  • Cast iron intermediate adaptor. A unique piece designed to space electric motor from head pump.
  • Base plate in electro-welded S235JR-EN1025 carbon steel coated in a layer of epoxy primer and polyurethane primer.
    System equipment for pump-motor axis regulation.


No-screwing impeller
A docking system composed by an internal impeller nut (D) threated or with a nut drowned (C), a counter-nut (B) and a washer (A), avoid the impeller screwing from the shaft in case of reversal sense of rotation during the start.

Separated shaft sleeve from the impeller
The shaft sleeve (C) separation from the impeller (B) allows its replacement in damage case, without removing the impeller, for a saving spare parts costs. The elastomer cap (B) improves the drag of rotating parts.

Mechanical seal

Elastometric bellows seal
Mechanical seal for moderately corrosive, clean and not excessively hot liquids. Static and rotating rings in SiC, spring and armour in SS316 not in contact with the process liquid, elastomeric bellows in EPDM or FPM. Available in the external (B6E – B6EC), internal (B6I – B6IC – B6IH) and double-flushed (B6EDF – B6EDFC) types.

PTFE bellows seal
Mechanical seal for highly corrosive fluids and high temperatures. Static and rotating rings in three different combinations (SiC-SiC, SiC-Al2O3, Al2O3-PTFE-C), PTFE bellows, spring and armour in SS316 not in contact with the pumped liquid. Available in external (JRS – JRS1 – JRA) and double-flushed (JR2S – JR2S1 – JT2P – JR2A) types.

Seal with metallic armour
Mechanical seal for moderately corrosive, clean and not excessively hot liquids. Static ring in Al2O3 and rotating ring in Carbon-graphite , spring and armour in SS316 , O-rings in EPDM o FPM and gaskets in PTFE. Available in the external (B8E) and double-flushed (B8EDF) types.

Seal with elastometric O-ring
Mechanical seal for moderately corrosive, clean and not excessively hot liquids. Static and rotating rings in two different combinations (SiC-SiC, Carbon-graphite-SiC), spring and armour in Hastelloy C276, O-ring in EPDM o FPM. Available in the internal (UMG – UMS) and double-flushed (UM2G – UM2S) types.


1450 – 50Hz

1750 – 60Hz

2900 – 50Hz

3450 – 60Hz

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